Jeustin Navarro

Week of: Feb 25, 2018

Every week, Jeustin Navarro supplies a curated mix of the hottest Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B and Reggaeton! Tune to The Hour Saturdays 11 PM - 12 AM to see why he's our DJ of the Week!

Tristan Niskanen

Week of: Dec 5, 2017

Every week, listeners are treated to a different them on Tristan Niskanen's Lucid Nebulous Radio. For example, one week would be an underground Detroit hip-hop show, followed by a music from Wes Anderson movies the next week. The point of the show is to expand music tastes and play a wide variety of good music. Catch it every Tuesday from 6-7pm on WRCU!

Professor Ferro and DJ Nothin' Else Mattes

Week of: Nov 10, 2017

Professor Ferro and DJ Nothin' Else Mattes bring you a radio hour full of all your future favorite hitz on Educated Guess. Expect: beautiful feel*good underground ballads by small labels from near and far, avant-garde classics from the recent and far past, student sound art pieces, special guests, live in-studio recordings and the unexpected. Catch them Tuesdays 5-6pm on WRCU!

Esther Rosbrook and Chimebere Nwaoduh

Week of: Oct 23, 2017

 Esther and Chimebere are our DJs of the week because their thought provoking conversations never fail! Tune into their show COLLEGE DE FACTO Thursdays 12-1 pm, here on WRCU-FM

Lily Keuntz ('21), Peter Bulan ('21) and Aidan Harrington ('21)

Week of: Oct 16, 2017

This week's DJs of the Week are Lily Keuntz ('21), Peter Bulan ('21) and Aidan Harrington ('21), who host Link in Bio every Saturday at 7. Tune in for good vibes for the weekend!

Madeleine Cuddy & Alessandra Devia

Week of: Apr 16, 2017

The honor of DJotW is given this week to Madeleine and Alessandra, the hosts of Jazushi! Their radio show focuses on swinging 1940s and 1950s jazz, but also showcases other jazz eras and present-day R&B. The two have a great on-air personality and unique selection--check them out!

Jazushi plays Thursdays, 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm on

Paul Jung '20 and Trey Spadone '20

Week of: Apr 2, 2017

Party Time

We come together for a special time, a sacred gathering of music and delicious sounds. It will be glorious, a show where we play a variety of thrilling music ranging from modern funk to melodic ballads. We also have extremely off-the-wall discussions where we contemplate the meaning of life, report on the latest films fresh off the block, or just reflect on our inner demons.

Claire Binder '17

Week of: Mar 26, 2017

Celebrating its sixth and final semester on-air, Alt-love plays classic, current, and buzz-worthy alternative music with increasing synth, indie-pop, and electronic influences. Each week is usually catered to a particular theme, dedication, or inspiration.

Past popular series, for example, have explored all the different ways we communicate our emotions to one another (aptly called "Lust, Love, and Longing") -- all with the best selection of alternative tracks!

Listen in to feel the love for alternative music, Thursdays, 1:00-2:00 PM

Ryan Rios '20

Week of: Feb 27, 2017

In its second semester, Taunt to Get Bodied Is a True Combo airs a huge selection of styles. Jazz, rock, and video game soundtracks from a wide variety of eras are all featured, but because "Matt doesn’t like the Foo Fighters", Ryan takes extra care to either: a) play less Foo Fighters or b) play way more Foo Fighters.

Mondays, 2:00-3:00 PM, only on WRCU-FM, Hamilton!

Julia Marchetti '18

Week of: Feb 20, 2017

With all of this music sharing on the interweb, (which is super neat and all don’t get me wrong) labels are on the decline. And that’s not super neat! This show, Just Label It! spotlights one indie label per week and recognizes them for their contributions to the indie scene. The labels will be chosen at random out of a mason jar~~live on air. Tune in for a wide array of indie and the occasional/frequent rant about shoe gaze. Say yes to records and no to GMOs!!!!!

Wednesdays, 8:00-10:00 PM, only on WRCU-FM, Hamilton!

The International Radio Hour

Week of: December 5, 2016

The Keck Center for Language hosts The International Radio Hour, a weekly show that features a rotation of language interns giving hour-long tours of their country's music and other international insights. So far this semester, we have heard Arabic, Chinese, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese music on TIRH, as Cory Duclos and co. broadcast one of our most world-renowned programs Thursdays, 3:00-4:00.

Martha Bogo and Kate MacLean

Week of: November 7, 2016

On Puddle Happy, Martha Bogo and Kate MacLean play tunes to pep up your mood and share happy stories. Whether the tunes and stories get you up and out of your seat to dance or just put a smile on your face, they spread happy feelings all around! We hope to start your week off on a good note by ending your Monday evening in a good mood.

Jevin Rosengart '20

Week of: October 31, 2016

JEVIN'S JUICY JAMS originated in the Drake Hall 3rd Floor common room--now, you can hear it on air Wednesdays 11:00am-12:00pm. Whether you are starving for lunch or just finishing up some breakfast, you'll salivate at her juicy jams!

Colin McCarty '18

Week of: October 3, 2016

Colin plays songs for when you're about ready to tear your hair out in Case. Specializing in soundtracks and study jams, his hour-long show every Saturday is the perfect setting to hammer out that paper or to finish that next painful chapter. Be sure to tune in every Saturday 12:00-1:00pm right here on WRCU-FM, Hamilton.