Thomas, the program director at the time told Colgate Maroon it would be “A gigantic opening show featuring administration heads will be the first broadcast of WCU, Thursday, February 1, at 7pm.

We hope to be able to have President Case speak on the show, and we already have Dean [of the College Carl] Kallgren, Dean [William] Griffith and [director of student activities] Lloyd Huntley. Entertainment will be by [campus barbershop group] the ‘Four Mugs.’”

From the Salmagundi Yearbook 1951

For the first week of programming ever on the new WCU, content was aired only from 9:30pm until midnight, save for the first day, which started at 7pm. Among the shows first featured on air were “Colgate Round Table,” a student discussion show; “Radio Workshop,” a drama show; “Masque and Triangle on the Air,” also a drama show, this put on by the eponymous group; “The Thing,” a Friday night “combination disc-jockey show and informal swap shop”; and “Midnight Roundup,” which would review events from that day on campus. Appropriately enough, the “Midnight Roundup” was scheduled for 11:45pm, never midnight.

(Brien Puff ’09)
(Colgate Maroon, January 17, 1951)