On Colgate day, December 13, 2013 WRCU teamed up with Colgate’s Office of Communications to broadcast special programming aimed at raising $1 million for financial aid. 

Various big donors agreed that if 1,300 other alumni agreed to donate, they would give in total $3 million. To meet this goal WRCU “unveiled a day of programming by prominent alums beginning early in the morning. Joe Castiglione, the longtime voice of the Boston Red Sox, did an hour of sports—including a call with fellow alum Mark Murphy, President and CEO of the Green Bay Packers” (Forbes). Natalie Sportelli ‘15, Program Director at the time and major organizer, explained that half of the programming done live by current DJs on campus, the other half was recorded and sent to the station by notable alumni, like the creators of Super Troopers who broadcast from 1-3pm.

By linking the radio’s programming with the universities social media, the fundraiser was able to exceed its goal–collecting $5.1 million from 5,683 unique donors in just one day. The tremendous success of the event highlighted WRCU’s ability to reach alumni. Murray Decock ‘80, Colgate’s Vice President of Institutional Advancement, said “WRCU played a significant role in the success of our challenge–especially with its live-stream that was heard worldwide,” and that it was “the largest dollar amount and number of gifts collected in a single day by a liberal arts college” (Walden).

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Board of Directors 2014
From Left: McCoy, Sportelli, Puccia, Vannix, Lomas

(Gabrielle Woleske ‘18) (Interviews with Natalie Sportelli ‘15; Forbes Magazine “Radio Power: How Colgate Raised $5.1 Million In One Day”; Mark Walden “Colgate Raises $5.1 Million while celebrating the last Colgate Day of the Year ’13”)