In May 1950, the student activities council approved the funds to build a new radio station. The announcement, however, came the next semester in the Maroon. On September 20, 1950, it was pronounced to the world (or, at least, campus) that Colgate would begin construction of the station in the basement of Spear House (giving that space a use which had been debated since 1947). Broadcasts began under the station ID “W.C.U.” in February of 1950 and consisted purely of news.

(Brien Puff ’09); (Colgate Maroon, September 20, 1950); (Gabrielle Woleske ’18); (Salmagundi Yearbooks -1951, 1952, 1953)

(Salmagundi Yearbook 1952)

(Back Row:) Kern, Sutcliffe, Infield, Peck, Slavin, Blank, Spotts, Cox, VanAiken, Altman, Bailey, Sjostrom, Stokes. (Third Row:) VanWyck, Loud, Arnold, Kohak, Lloyd, McLaughlin, N. Davis, Theid, W. Davis, Light, Morssam, Mast, Gordon, Oppmann, Clinch, Storup. (Second Row:) Kalet, Kempton, Farris, Martin, Schlotz, Talyor, Laidlaw, Willey, W. Thomas, Mr. Blum, Armstrong, McDermott, Lucky. (Front Row:) A. Thomas, Strasser, Lawson, Snyder, Barclay, Hodas, Standbury, Strauss, Hubert