On December 2, 1938, The Colgate Maroon featured its advocacy for a radio station at Colgate on its front page. It reports the initial reaction from students and faculty as approving and enthusiastic. Before the existences of a station in Hamilton Colgate students already understood the importance and potential of radio through broadcasting discussions, glee club concerts and debates on WIBX in Utica, which shortly after The Maroon’s announcement-offered its assistance.

In December 1938 the Colgate Maroon announced the creation of a “Radio Project Committee” however the plan was “not to establish an independent station on campus as many students and faculty members were led to believe. The direct objective at present is the construction and equipment of a studio or radio workshop”. This may be one reason that the creation of a station was stalled until 1951.

(Gabrielle Woleske ‘18) (The Colgate Maroon 1938)