Isaiah Keyes ’19  – General Manager

I have both a passion and a face for radio. This is my 4th year on air and on the Board, and I get to run this show! Like what you hear? Let me know! Hate what you hear? Talk to Melina. Frequently seen with beard, flannel, coffee, stack of records. Dad Rock 10 am – noon Mondays, Out In the Sticks Sunday nights at 6.







Melina Liulakis ’19 Program Director

Melina Liulakis '19

Hello! Isaiah signs papers and I do everything else. As Program Director, I am in charge of everything on the airwaves. Breakfast enthusiast. DM me about film, coffee or the shaky state of the union. Throwback Thursdays, 8pm-9pm.




Not pictured: 

Music Director, Tommy Williams

Technical Director, Francis Criscione

Publicity Director, Lily Kuentz

Production Director, Kuba Alicki