Gabrielle Woleske '18 General Manager

Hi I'm Gabrielle, a proud Wisconsinite and Packers fan. Last semester I studied in Geneva, Switzerland, but I'm glad to be back on campus as General Manager. Catch my jazz/hip-hop/whatever I'm feeling show! Welcome to WRCU!

Isaiah Keyes '19 Program (Co)Director

I have both a passion and a face for radio. I can help you advertise anything but myself. Will work for music. Occasionally seen with a beard, until that guy steals it back.

Madison Smith '20 Program (Co)Director

Hi babes! Welcome to WRCU! I’m a sophomore studying international relations, English and Russian when I’m not jumping into music to avoid my responsibilities. Come find me in the station (or upstairs in the coop) to talk music, books, film and anything else that strikes your fancy! ♥

Madison Smith '20

Luke Felty '18 Music (Co)Director

My name is Luke and I'm a Senior from Georgia. I'm an English Lit and Creative Writing student, but you wouldn't know that from this shoddy bio. If you ever want to talk about books or music you can find me reading in the station and various other cozy places around campus (you can identify me by the large red beard). Peace and good listening to all.

Kristen Cusumano '18 Music (Co)Director

I'm Kristen, and I'm a senior from NYC, which I blame for my hopeless obsession with all things music. I'm a Political Science Major with a minor in Film & Media studies in addition to being a concert photographer/music blogger from time to time. I also have a weird obsession with minions and starburst jelly beans. Stop by the MD office any time to talk to me about your latest music discoveries—I'm always into new tunes.

Kristen Cusumano '18

Melina Liulakis '19 Promotions (Co)Director

Hey I'm Melina and I'm a junior from Tenafly, NJ. I'm a Political Science major, so you can oftentimes find me reading articles while pretending to do homework. Aside from politics, my interests include but are not limited to: film & television, music and memes. Talk to me about literally anything, I'm usually in the station or the library cafe just being generally ridiculous.

Melina Liulakis '19

Julia Marchetti '18 Promotions (Co)Director

Howdy! My name is Julia and I am a senior citizen Art History and Environmental Studies double major. I really love architecture, doughnuts, and 90s sub genres. My radio show, Just Label It! picks a different small record label to spotlight each week. You can find me in the station being silly and eating almonds basically always. Come hang out!

Julia Marchetti '18

Dawson Highland '19 Tech Director

I’m a sophomore junior from Austin, TX living my dream of working in radio. I was raised on KUT (and eventually KUTX) back home, so broadcast is in my blood. I listen to jazz, hip hop, blues, rnb, soul, Americana, and occasionally psych rock. At any given time, I can be found in the library café reading something in German.